Schools in Tachilek collect student money for UNICEF aid Tachilek Township Schools in Tachilek collect student money for UNICEF aid Schools in Tachilek Township, eastern Shan State, colle 情趣用品cted money from students to get schooling materials conferred by the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund (UNI 房屋出租CEF), according to local sources. By Hseng Khio Fah20 February 2009Materials were reportedly handed to the Educational Department of Tachilek ea 澎湖民宿rly this year by the UNICEF. The UNICEF had donated stationery supplies to 9 townships in Burma, including Mudon Township, Mon State, and Tachilek, where most ch 襯衫ildren don’t speak Burmese language.  The materials were distributed to the students on 14 February, said a source. Every student from each school would be given 10 exer G2000cise books, 5 pencils, 2 erasers and a ruler. But the teachers asked 5 Baht ($0.14) from each student before handing the materials to them.There are 56 schools from primary to high schools 室內裝潢in Tachilek. The number of the students is estimated about 15,000.Students from some schools were asked to pay more from 10 to 20 Baht each, said a source.  “We don’t want to fuss about 5 or 10 baht giv 代償en to the teachers because we don’t want our children to be embarrassed in their class.  They’ve been doing to us like this for a long time now anyway,” said a mother of a student from Makahokham.  Each student f 房屋買賣rom No.1 High School has also been required to pay 10 Baht for drinking water per month, said a mother who has a child going at that school. The school has more than 2,000 students and each class has more than 30 students.  The sai 房屋貸款d school is known to be for wealthier families, but last year, some teachers from that school were reported of demanding money from students to enter examinations. Final examinations from primary school to middle school will begin in the last week of Februa 燒烤ry.  .


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